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DSFDA COVID-19 Statement

Your local funeral home is committed to helping families honor their loved ones in meaningful ways, while ensuring the safety of family and friends. If you’re unable to hold a funeral for your loved one, or if attendance is limited, you do have options that can be explored with your funeral director.

Delay the funeral and hold it at a later date. Speak with your funeral director about your options regarding casket burial or cremation if you choose this option.

Have a private viewing for only immediate family and/or close friends and have a memorial service at a later date.

Ask your funeral director if they have the ability to webcast the funeral so others can view from home.


Gathering Limits


Signage must be postedat each public entrance which states all of the following:

Do not enter if you have a cough, high fever, shortness of breath or if you have been

exposed to anyone who has tested positive with COVID-19 in the past fourteen (14)


Individuals age thirteen (13) and up are required to wear a cloth face covering to enter

and remain inside (a cloth face covering is recommended but not required for children

ages 2-12);

At all times, individuals who are not part of the same household should maximize

physical distance from others and remain at least six (6) feet apart – handshaking,

hugging, or kissing is discouraged.

Proper hand washing and frequent use of hand sanitizer is encouraged.

COVID-19 continues to pose a serious threat to our community. CWs should encourage all

vulnerable individuals, including those at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and

those 65 and older, to continue to shelter in place.

Services must be staggered to allow for a thorough cleaning according to CDC guidelines

of any public spaces before the next service begins.

CWs should control the number of individuals who attend services in order to ensure that

safe social distancing is maintained, and shall not exceed more than thirty percent (30%)

of stated fire occupancy (excluding staff) during any service.

CWs should stagger arrival times for congregants, which may include but are not limited to

the following methods: alphabetical order of congregants; entry by neighborhoods.

permitting those who need assistance or special seating to enter at a designated time

prior to the start of the service.

Revised: 5/23/20


CWs shall restrict seating (in fixed pews/benches or other seating) to comply with the six (6)

feet social distancing requirements, except that members of the same household may sit

together. There should be a six (6) foot radius around individual household units – including

next to them, in front of them, and behind them. Six (6) feet social distancing should also be

maintained between staff and congregants both inside and outside, while seated and


Signage and physical indicators (e.g. tape, runners, ropes or ribbon) should be used, if

necessary, to ensure social distancing rules are followed, with distances measured in six (6)

foot increments and marked accordingly at each entrance and throughout the publicly used

spaces within the building.

Children should remain with their parent/guardian at all times.

While singing during services is permitted, choirs should not be utilized for singing during

services. CWs may utilize single singers or duos as long as social distancing of six (6) feet

between the singers can be observed and they are able to wear a face covering or face

shield. If face coverings or face shields are not available or cannot be used, strategies such

as not having the singer directly facing the congregation or increasing the distance between

the singer and the congregation should be employed Special Services Special services, such as funerals are permitted if the services can be performed following the guidelines above. The officiant must wear a mask while within six (6) feet of any other individuals during the ceremony. While funeral ceremonies are permissible, receptions are not permissible unless they follow guidelines for other social gatherings provided in the State of Emergency. The officiant must wear a mask while within six (6) feet of any other individuals during the ceremony. The program coordinator should make hand sanitizer or handwashing stations readily available for all staff and participants. All staff must wear cloth face coverings in accordance with the State of Emergency Order.

For Further information pleases refer to the link https://coronavirus.delaware.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/177/2020/05/Communities-of-Worship-Guidance-Revised-5.23.20.pdf

Please speak with your funeral director about gathering limits in your community.


Personal Effects

Talk to your funeral director about the return of personal effects that may have been on your loved one at the time of death. Depending on the circumstances, they may need to be disinfected before being returned to you.