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Mission Statement - Delaware State Funeral Directors Association

Mission Statement

Professional associations are nothing new; according to historians, the first association in the United States was the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York, which was formed in 1768 by twenty merchants. Just as then, associations today, are created so individuals with a commonly shared profession or interest can come together to discuss mutual concerns and foster individual development and overall prosperity. Most of these profession-enhancing organizations begin with a mission statement. 
People often ask, what is the value of a mission statement? At its heart, a mission statement explains the organizations "raison d'etre"; in other words, it should clearly state the reason, or reasons, for its existence. The original intention of the founders of the Delaware State Funeral Directors Association (DSFDA) was, and continues to be, one of support; not only of our members but also of the families and individuals we serve. Today, as always, our goals are to:
  • Support and foster the professional and personal growth of our members by providing educational and leadership opportunities
  • Encourage a deeper understanding among consumers about their funeral service options, the value of pre-need planning, and the importance of ceremony and memorialization
  • Strengthen the profession as a whole with  proactive lobbying on legislative, regulatory, and legal issues affecting funeral service
  • Support the next generation of funeral directors through sponsorship and scholarship opportunities
  • Promote the highest ethical standards of among our membership and within the funeral service 
Today, the DSFDA is considered the most active and influential funeral service association in the nation. The organization is a fully-engaged member of the National Funeral Director Association; which benefits our members and the consumers they serve in seemingly countless ways. This partnership, as well as those cooperative relationships between the members of the Delaware State Funeral Directors Association, work together to benefit the funeral service profession as a whole; ultimately enhancing the connection we have with the families and individuals we serve. 
If you're a funeral home owner, funeral director, funeral service intern or mortuary college student
working in Delaware, we warmly invite you to become a member.